Mobility, Supply and Demand Analysis for Parking Lots in Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico

Demand analysis for parking lots inside and outside public roads, downtown Celaya City, Guanajuato
Client ETEISA S.A.
Schedule April - June 2013

Project Detail

The objective of this study was to designa a strategy for a rational use of public space, particularly, on street parking spaces in the City of Celaya.

Extensive field studies were performed to quantify existing parking spaces, on and off street, rotation, traffic operation and other key variables related to parking and traffic performance.

A strategy based in the implementation of parking metering was design, that not only would provide the city with additional funding, but that would also increase short term parking supply, would decrease traffic obstructions that result from illegal parking and would reduce traffic congestion by being a deterrent of the excessive use of private vehicle. In turn, the emission of pollutants would also decrease. The designed strategy is to be implemented in three phases, starting from the city center. A financial analysis was also conducted, in order toi estimate the probable revenue to the city.