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The Metro Los Teques Consortium brings together several companies, most notably the Brazilian giant Odebrecht. The Consortium has commissioned to Modelistica a demand study for the extension of the metro line from Caracas to the nearby city of Los Teques. For several years the Consortium has been building a first stage from the Las Adjuntas Metro Station in Caracas to El Tambor in Los Teques, some 17 kilometers without intermediate stations along a mountainous area. This first part is to become operational next November. In Los Teques and surrounding area, some 300 thousand people live and commute to and from Caracas, depending on a narrow and mountainous road with heavy congestion and vulnerable to land slides. Consequently the new metro line is expected to be highly appreciated and carry many people. It has already been decided that, once in operation, the line must be extended, first to the center of Los Teques with two stations and then on towards nearby residential areas in Carrizales and San Antonio. Modelistica will be making a home-based survey, collect information on population, jobs and land use, plus traffic counts. The team plans to use the same model developed for the study of the second Caracas-La Guaira Highway (see below). This makes sense because Los Teques and La Guaira are both satellite towns of Caracas.