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Install TRANUS for free. Windows systems only.

This section shows the elements needed to download the software. You will find manuals, tutorials, articles and contributions from users, such as utilities, proceedings, etc.
It is a good idea to register in the Tranus list, as it has advantages, such as information and exchanges, and it is free. Very simple instructions are provided for subscribing or unsubscribing from the list, at the bottom of the section.

Important Considerations for Software Installation

In this section, you can download the full TRANUS modelling system, along with the corresponding documents, and you may use it freely for any desired purpose. It is worth mentioning that it is not a demo version, or an obsolete version, and it does not have an expiration date.

The software you are about to download is the last full version. The corresponding updates are performed periodically, so the most recent version is alwaus avaliable.

What do you need to download and install Tranus?

Anyone can download the software for free in different PCs, and it can be used for any purpose, without limitation.

What do we ask for when using Tranus?

We appreciate that, when using the software, either for professional or academic purposes, the tool is given credit on the reports or results obtained by the users.

About the Tranus license

The Tranus copyright license belongs to the modelistica company, and the license conditions belong to Creative Commons. The users may add their own developments and distribute their product, including the Tranus software, as long as it is under a free license, such as this one.

About the results obtained through Tranus

Modelistica is not responsible for the results obtained through the use of the software, which will be the responsibility of the user. It is also not compelled to provide support for the software and its applications.

If you would like to recieve specific training or help, you can send an email to info@modelistica.com.mx, where you can hire the modelistica services to obtain fast-response and satisfaction guarantees.


The software has two components; the GUI or graphic interface of TRANUS called TUS, and all the models and programs.

In order to install them, click on the links below, ensures it is the last tested versions.

Installation is very simple, follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

In the website, you will find both software installers called tranus…..exe and tus….exe, among other resources (names vary according to the version). Both EXE files must be installed. These installers will create a folder, by default, called C:\TRANUS, you may choose a different location.

TRANUS 12.10.1

TRANUS UI 12.10.1

Discussion and development forums

There are two available exchange and discussion groups related to the Tranus system:

We suggest that you subscribe at least to the first group, as tool update notifications are sent through this group. In addition, you can share questions and answers and general discussion in this group.

In these groups, you can speak in Spanish, Portuguese, English or French, indistinctly, although English is preferred so all of us understand. Naturally, the site provides an esay way to leave the group.